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Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Implementation

Kent Hollinger

Mr. Kent Hollinger is a Principal Engineer at MITRE/CAASD. He is primarily involved in Certification activities and in developing, implementing, and teaching Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Quality Assurance programs for foreign and domestic aviation service providers, manufacturers, and governments. He authored the book Safety Management Systems for Aviation Practitioners: Real-World Lessons that was published in 2013 by The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Mr. Hollinger also teaches classes at RTCA covering DO-178C Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.

Scott Jacobs

Mr. Scott Jacobs is currently MITRE's Air Force Flight Standards Agency Lead, located in Oklahoma working with the USAF. He was the Site Leader and ATM Chief Engineer for MITRE's Taipei office in Taiwan R.O.C., and Regional Program Manager for Asia/Pacific. He provided technical consultancy for CNS, ATM, AIS, and TFM issues to the Taiwan CAA. While assigned there he worked on Taiwan's Next Generation ATM System (Commissioned: March 2011). The project was a full CNS/ATM system overhaul, including new ATM, Surveillance, AIS, and DVCSS equipment, consoles, building, and procedures. Additionally, he performed requirements writing, review, system design review, verification and validation, vendor and program oversight, and liaised with all relevant CAA departments to determine their needs and solve ATM system issues for the Taiwan CAA System Program Office. Mr. Jacobs completed Master Plan and Operational Concept design, and performed requirements and implementation management for ATM Systems, including: FDP, SDP, Safety Net Alert, ATFM, AIS, HMI, Datalink, Interfaces, Contingency, and Simulation, Advanced Technology requirements and implementation for CDM, ADS-B, Multilateration and WAM, A-SMGCS; and he managed MITRE technical and administrative staff. While based in Taiwan and Thailand, Mr. Jacobs also supported MITRE liaison, training, requirements, and proposal efforts around Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brunei.

Steve Giles

Mr. Steve Giles is MITRE's Architect for Affordability and Investment Analysis. He is responsible for development and promotion for the use of business case analysis across MITRE's work and research programs. Mr. Giles has led a series of high impact, high visibility activities focused on characterizing the operational and technical content of NextGen and estimating the costs and risks of implementing those capabilities. He has been instrumental in establishing the evaluation criteria used for assessing potential NextGen investments, and in conducting the business case analyses that were used as the basis for the aviation community recommendations to the FAA NextGen implementation priorities.

E.J. Spear

Mr. E.J. Spear's primary areas of focus and expertise are airline economics, air traffic technology business case evaluation, and performance evaluation. He has worked with the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) developing one of the first overall business cases for air traffic management modernization (NextGen). E.J. has developed business cases across a spectrum of industries. He was previously employed as the Director of Economic Research at the Association of American Railroads and as an economist at the U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau Labor Statistics and at the U.S. Department of Justice -- Bureau of Prisons.

Dr. Kate Harback

Dr. Kate Harback is a Principal Economist and the Environmental Portfolio Advisor at MITRE/CAASD. Kate has been leading a multi-year project modeling the economy-wide impacts of NextGen using computable general equilibrium modeling, collaborating with Monash University. She sits on the Partnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (PARTNER) Center of Excellence Advisory Board and represents MITRE on the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) ATM & Environment Workgroup. Kate is also a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Aviation Economics and Finance Committee. Her work has been published in the Journal of Urban Economics, Transportation Research News, Transportation Research Record, and Transportation Research Forum.



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