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CANSO, in association with MITRE, proudly announces a comprehensive, integrated ASBU training programme

Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Implementation

What You Will Learn

This 5-day course consists of interactive lectures and a case study. Attendees practice applying the skills and knowledge to implement ASBUs as outlined in the above bullet points. The course ensures that attendees have a thorough understanding of effective implementation strategies that ensure expedient and cost-effective results.

Key Topics:

  • ASBUs overview and value

  • Global aviation challenges

  • Course conceptual model

  • Introduction of course case study

Key Topics:

  • Decision process to understand need for upgrades

  • Evaluating your economic, demographic, and market trends

  • Identifying your aviation system's projected demand and expected capacity

  • Needs and dependency analysis (NDA) overview: prerequisites and preparation

  • NDA candidate ASBU Modules Needs Dependencies and Needs Inventory

  • NDA Baseline Inventory and Gap Analysis

Key Topics:

  • NDA impact analysis

  • Assessing ASBU operational effects using performance indicators

  • Business case analysis

  • Operational benefits

  • Lifecycle costs

Key Topics:

  • Aviation service provider financial results

  • Aircraft operator financial results

  • Identifying other social effects: passengers, safety, and environment

  • Summarizing social results

  • Economic Iimpact of ASBU investment policy

Key Topics:

  • Multi-Stakeholder negotiation and timing to realize the 'best' return on investment



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