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SMS Theory and Application (8 days)

SMS I Principles and Application (Basic) Course with SDG

A Safety Management System (SMS) is not "one size fits all". Each SMS must be tailored for each organization based upon their regulations, culture, processes, procedures, size and complexity. MITRE recognizes this fact and has helped the SMS students by performing a world-wide literature search of the SMS best-practices performed by leading organizations that have already adopted and implemented SMS. This information has been compiled into a SMS Development Guidebook (SDG) that complies with the expectations of the ICAO 9859 Safety Management Manual Second Edition. During the course the students will customize the SDG to fit the needs of their own particular organization by choosing between procedures used by small, medium and large organizations, as well as optional procedures that go above and beyond ICAO expectations. The SDG contains all of the information, procedures, forms and tools to allow the students to create their own customized SMS manual and to begin their own SMS implementation immediately after completion of the course.

This class includes the 5 day SMS I (Basic) Course and those students wishing to customize a SDG continue on for 3 additional days of working with our instructors to create their customized SMS Manual.


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Since 2005 a total of 3,495 students from 51 countries have participated in SMS offerings conducted by MITRE.

Comments from past students

"Very dynamic, very well organized, best facilities, excellent support, knowledgeable instructors."
-Mr. Robert Vandel, Vice President, Flight Safety Foundation

"The final exercise left a profound impression on me."
- Mr. John Ramsell, Quality Manager, Marshall Aerospace Ltd., United Kingdom

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Comments from past students    

"I loved this course. The course was so comprehensive and the instructor delivered it in a manner easy to understand and apply."
-Ms. Mlinda Sagum,
Cabin Safety Specialist, Hawaiian Airlines

"I am impressed by the level of professional competence of the instructors, their hands-on experience and knowledge, and the up-to-date information made available."
- Mr. Ganapathy Apparanda Mudapa,
Director, Commercial and Business Aviation Services PVT LTD (CBAS), Bangalore, India

"The class was very informative and the instructors were quite knowledgeable. The exercises were effective, relevant and useful. Use of the Organizational Failure Model was a very interesting way to explain the TAM 3054 accident's contributing factors and alignments."
- Ms. Midori Tanino,
International NextGen Lead, Federal Aviation Administration, United States

"The instructors had a lot of knowledge about the subject and presented the material in a pleasant way."
- Ms. Barbara Vlaanderen,
Chief Security and Safety, Windward Islands Airways N.V.

"One of the best classes that can be easily grasped and truly implemented into a company of any size!"
- Mr. Daniel Leskusky,
Manager Cargo Safety, Delta Air Lines

"Very dynamic, very well organized, best facilities, excellent support, knowledgeable instructors."
- Mr. Robert Vandel,
Vice President, Flight Safety Foundation

"The course includes everything needed to create and implement SMS and it has been prepared very systematically and easy to understand. It is very interactive and we all enjoyed it."
- Mr. Mehmet Korkmaz,
Line Maintenance, Turkish Airlines

"The course has organized and deep information that helped me to understand the tasks that I should do."
- Mr. Mohamed A. Al Owaify,
Surveillance System Safety Specialist, GACA Air Navigation Services, Saudi Arabia

"This is a course whose information is readily applicable once I get home. One of the best courses I have attended"
- Mr. Jorge Leite,
Director of Quality, TAP Maintenance and Engineering, Portugal

"It answered all of my questions. I also have a great basis upon which to build awareness and training for my dept./division."
- Mr. David Allen,
Manager of Airport Operations Systems, Continental Airlines

"It was all very nice, especially the way it fills the gaps existing in the ICAO SMS course."
- Ms. Doris Costa,
Chief Security, Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil

"The best course I have ever attended. Totally applicable and useful information to be a safe, just and forward looking manager."
- Mr. Atac Tunc,
System Engineer, Sky Airlines, Turkey

"Very powerful and very practical knowledge, all you need to kick start or enhance SMS operations in your company."
- Mr. Janis Lapins,
Head of Safety, Security, Quality, Environment and Audit Management, State Joint-Stock Company "Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme"

"Very clear explanations. Content was very complete and exercises give me a real view of how to deal with the system."
- Capt. Sebastian Rodriguez Barrueco,
Flight Safety Officer, Spanair

"Excellent delivery of a complex topic in an entertaining and informative manner."
- Mr. Pat Fitzpatrick,
Alaska Airlines MEC Safety Committee Chairman, ALPA

"The final exercise left a profound impression on me."
- Mr. John Ramsell,
Quality Manager, Marshall Aerospace Ltd., United Kingdom

"Content was incredible. Exercises were enjoyable and enlightening"
- Mr. Bill Hafner,
Director Quality, ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering


"This course is practical, relevant, and provides real-world applications that the aviation/safety professional can readily implement. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you."
- Ms. Yolanda Carr,
Senior ASO, Aviation and Product Safety
Sikorsky Aircraft - A Lockheed Martin Company

"Excellent course with very informed and professional instructors! The exercises were relevant and applicable to the chapter."
- Mr. Chip Henderson,
Helicopter Business Manager, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

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