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Airport Operations Practicum (3 days)

Brainseed Global Aviation Services and The MITRE Corporation are partnering to provide an airport operations practicum created specifically for airport professionals.

The first two days of the 2 1/2-day program will address the key topical areas in classroom sessions. The third day will feature an overview of FAA Part 139 regulations, a mock airfield inspection at Washington Dulles International Airport, and a review and wrap up of the practicum.

The Operations Practicum agenda will cover the key areas under Title. 14 Part 139, including the general requirements of the Airport Certification Manual as well as:

  • Airport familiarization, including airport markings, lighting, and sign systems
  • Procedures for access to, and operation in, movement and safety areas
  • Airport communications, including radio communications between the air traffic control tower and personnel, use of the common traffic advisory frequency if there is no air traffic control tower or the tower is not in operation, and procedures for reporting unsafe airport conditions.
  • Duties required under the Airport Certification Manual.
  • Duties for airport operators regarding aircraft rescue and fire fighting, hazardous materials, airports self-inspection, wildlife hazard management, and airport condition reporting.

Primary Course Instructor

Ben Castellano, MBA, retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after 34 years with the agency. His last position before retirement was the National Resource Expert for Airport Safety and Certification. He was actively involved in airport certification and safety since 1990 when he became the Airport Certification and Compliance Branch Manager. There he oversaw the administration of the airport certification program (14 CFR Part 139). In 2001 until 2007, he became the Acting Manager of the Airport Safety and Operations Division. During the time in these positions, Mr. Castellano was responsible for the congressionally mandated revision to the airport certification program, including a complete rewrite of Part 139.


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  • SMS Principles Course - USD$625 per person.

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  • SMS Principles Course - USD$500 per person.

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